PixelMill Debuts Transition Assistance Training Initiative for Web Site Builders

PixelMill EDU(Davis, Calif.) – September 13, 2007 – Recognized as a leader in the development of education tutorials, recorded videos, and Webinars designed for site builders, PixelMill today announced the September 18, 2007 debut of PixelMill EDU™, an innovative and proprietary online training series designed to aid the do-it-yourself Web builder in transitioning to new Web editors, coding standards, and Web technologies.
PixelMill initially launched PixelMill EDU to address critical pain points that hamper site developers’ transition into new site-building platforms: learning to transition from building tables-based Web sites to table-less Web sites and from building sites in FrontPage to building sites in Expression Web. PixelMill EDU provides an “extension course”, university-style solution that addresses the Web’s lack of video-based and instructor-based training and site builders’ reliance on written tutorials online, which are often clunky, difficult to understand, and fail to address real-world challenges.
“Over the last year, much of the Microsoft FrontPage community has struggled with the transition to Expression Web,” said PixelMill CEO Jason Reckers. “We have all had to change to newer versions of software in the past. That’s not the issue here. This time, the challenge is two-fold. Not only is there a need to transition to a new piece of software with a new user interface, but there’s also a growing need to adapt to Web standards that push for more CSS with fewer tables and ultimately no tables.”
PixelMill EDU begins with two six-week series, each featuring six one-hour sessions. Its first propriety EDU series, which launches September 18th, is “FrontPage to Expression,” which is designed to give strong exposure to the new Expression Web software and interface along with tips for transitioning from FrontPage. PixelMill EDU’s second series, which starts September 20th, is “Tables to Table-less CSS,” designed for Web builders using Dreamweaver, Expression Web, or any other Web editor to transition from building tables-based Web site layouts to working with CSS to edit and build table-less Web site layouts.
Set in a classroom-like environment, PixelMill EDU offers the multi-week, fee-based ($149 per series) online seminars (‘Webinars’) in a no-nonsense, accessible style, providing ample time for participants to interact with attendees and the instructors. In addition to each class being delivered live, each is recorded for participants to revisit on demand.
Instructors provide guidance to attendees in a how-to format with content focused on applied needs versus a tour around a specific application. PixelMill EDU’s head instructor is Corrie Haffly, a mathematics U.C. Davis graduate and author of The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Published by SitePoint.com, Haffly’s book covers how to design attractive Web graphics, touch up photos for Web use, create Web site mockups, and master buttons, backgrounds, and more.
Additionally, PixelMill’s Haffly brought PixelMill’s and John Galt’s Templates brands to the top of the Web site template market, handled customer support, and wrote volumes of tutorials. Haffly’s past work is featured at SitePoint.com and PixelMill.com.
Future PixelMill EDU online educational programs slated for 2007 will address SharePoint and SharePoint Designer and multimedia integration (video, audio/music, Flash, etc.). Another seminar series under development will aid site builders in developing a Web presence where creative designs meet current quality code and licensed images standards, accessibility requirements, and combine e-commerce and modular solutions that enhance Web and presentation projects.
PixelMill, established in 1998, serves as the Web’s central source of solutions for Web site builders. PixelMill’s extensive digital library features high quality templates and tools – guaranteed royalty free and free of copyright concerns – including more than 2,000 Web, Microsoft® Expression® Web, SharePoint Designer, Adobe® Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, and HTML templates, 1,800 PowerPoint® templates, 9,000 stock images, and 4,500 royalty free music tracks.
Media Contact: Chris Doyle, 916.847.0261 cdoyle@pixelmill.com
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