PixelMill Featured in Microsoft Local PC Builder Program

Today, Microsoft launched a special promotion for Local PC Builders. The new Buy Local Bonus Pack campaign is designed to give Local PC Builders – local and regional businesses that build and sell PCs – a competitive edge when distributing genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP software.
PixelMill was invited to participate, with companies like T-Mobile, D-Link, Entreprenuer Magazine, and other prominent brands, in this co-marketing opportunity that features up to $1,200 in products and services for Local PC buyers. Local PC Builder customers, who redeem their Bonus Packs, receive exclusive access to six free PixelMill templates for Microsoft Office FrontPage and PowerPoint which are valued at more than $300.
We view this as a great opportunity to give Local PC Builders the wherewithal to deliver a customized solution to their customers with an added bonus. A recent trend among local system integrators is to provide additional consulting services to their customers. These services include small and medium size business marketing, presentation, and web development support and consultation. PixelMill products fit well for this group, and we are pleased to help make their job easier and more profitable.
If you’re in the market for a new PC workstation, support your Local PC Builder by finding one in your area using the list located in the upper-right corner of the Local PC Builder Windows Marketplace.
Are you a Local PC Builder and not part of the program? Don’t hesitate to learn more about your opportunity by visiting the Information for PC Builders area of the Local PC Builder Windows Marketplace.
We look forward to continuing to support local business consultants with our quality products and web site solutions. Learn more about this Microsoft offering today!

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