PixelMill Introduces PixelMill SkinsTM for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

PixelMill Logo(Davis, Calif.) – October 31, 2007 – Leveraging the entry of the latest version of SharePoint, PixelMill today introduced a new catalog of Web Themes and Template “Skins” specifically designed for Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0 to give its users the ability to transform the “out-of-the-box” SharePoint site design into a variety of customizable designs.
Advances in SharePoint Services 3.0, which includes a number of design enhancements that make building Themes and Templates much more cost effective and easier to implement for users, prompted PixelMill to develop its first phase series of Skins for business users. Its years of experience designing with SharePoint and providing custom design services for business enabled PixelMill to readily adapt to evolutions in SharePoint. PixelMill’s design contributions to more than 60,000 Web sites and its adaption to back-end solutions allowed it to quickly introduce to the design and developer market enterprise and small business solutions that offer increased flexibility and choices in implementing the look and functionality of SharePoint products and services.
PixelMill’s online Skins catalog introduction (http://www.pixelmill.com/products/website-templates/vivid-office.aspx) arrives at a time when hosting solutions for SharePoint now provide significant collaboration capabilities and flexible, cost effective packages giving small to mid-size businesses a solution they can grow with for internal team and external partner collaboration, and even maintenance of their own public-facing web site. Anticipating SharePoint’s increasing relevance, PixelMill has already begun developing new solutions that will move beyond “skinning” SharePoint sites to providing Web site designs that use SharePoint as a content management tool.
“We’re investing in efforts that give small businesses the ability to use dynamic content in Web sites that anyone on the team can update,” said PixelMill CEO Jason Reckers. “With our new Skins, we’re enabling companies today to create and deliver world-class Web presence using multimedia and e-commerce components supported by simple, easy to use and powerful back-end solutions such as SharePoint.”
PixelMill began its work with SharePoint in 2003. At that time, PixelMill, through its Vivid Office brand, packaged and developed a number of complementary products, design templates, and instructional guides featured in the Microsoft® Right Tools Toolkit and on www.sharepointcustomization.com. PixelMill experts also developed effective strategies to help users implement these designs into their Windows® SharePoint® Services Web sites.
Supporting its entry into Skins for SharePoint, PixelMill’s online seminar series featured at PixelMill EDU, helps designers and developers transition from FrontPage to SharePoint Designer. PixelMill’s educational series is designed to help customers learn how to effectively work with SharePoint Designer for both static Web sites as well as easy integration with SharePoint. The series also puts focus on users converting from FrontPage to SharePoint Designer since previous versions of SharePoint used FrontPage to edit design, Web Parts, and data view integration tools. PixelMill EDU is available at http://www.pixelmill.com/services/seminars-webinars.aspx.
PixelMill, established in 1998, serves as the Web’s central source of solutions for web site builders offering an extensive array of high quality templates, images, video, audio, add-ons, platform-specific solutions, training, and custom services for developers’ Web design needs. PixelMill’s extensive digital library features high quality, guaranteed royalty free and free of copyright concerns, templates and tools with more than 2,000 Web, Microsoft® Expression® Web, SharePoint Designer, Adobe® Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, and HTML templates, more than 1,800 PowerPoint® templates, over 9,000 stock images, and over 4,500 royalty free music tracks.
Media Contact: Chris Doyle, 916.847.0261 cdoyle@pixelmill.com
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