PixelMill Offers ProStores-enabled Templates

PixelMill announces the availability of Web templates built for ProStores’ e-Commerce solution. These ProStores-enabled templates are built to fully integrate with the dynamic features of the ProStores‘ solution. With just a few quick steps any ProStores customer can get a head start on launching their new store or upgrade to a fresh design for their existing store.
ProStores, an eBay company, enables small- and medium-sized businesses to sell products and services online through a completely customizable virtual storefront at their own internet domain. A few of the many excellent features I like about ProStores are:
1) Ease of use – I built a store for my son, using the ProStores system, and I’m impressed with the ease of getting the store started and inspired by the confidence of having all of the commerce pieces I need to take and fulfill orders. Within a few hours, I had an account set up, added the PixelMill template, added a handful of products, and was able to see the store functioning live.
2) Integration with PayPal – Being a long-time advocate of PayPal, I found the integration of PayPal’s new Website Payments Pro to be an excellent feature. With PayPal’s low-cost ‘merchant’ solution, it was perfect for minimizing my initial start-up costs and ongoing transaction charges. Plus, they offer a couple months free with the integration of both solutions.
3) Integration with eBay – Over the years, I have found that there are a number of things that I want to sell online. eBay was one of the obvious first choices, but I started to realize that there are some products that do not sell well through eBay during certain parts of the year. With the ProStores solution, I can have the product listed in my Web store and then easily post it on eBay when the timing is right.
We, at PixelMill, have long refrained from supporting any full-featured e-Commerce solution. Other than promoting the valuable tools PayPal offers, we were never 100% comfortable with any e-Commerce solution that provided a complete storefront. Most grew out of small programming houses that were more code oriented rather than marketing focused. Many of these companies built quality solutions and had hard working teams, but we always had concerns with their marketing experience and the long-term viability of their solutions. In a constantly changing environment, one couldn’t be certain that these e-Commerce companies had the financial backing to effectively adapt.
Then came eBay Live 2005, and the announcement that they were launching ProStores. I looked at my colleague, Greg Snow, and said “Now, that’s an e-Commerce solution with the right idea and the perfect financial backing.” We have been fortunate to work with the team at ProStores. The process of working with them and integrating our templates further reassured us that this is a solution we can confidently recommend to our customers.
This brings us back to today. We are proud to introduce the first of many templates built to fully-integrate with ProStores. We will continue to work closely with ProStores to ensure that the PixelMill templates are always easy to implement and designed to take full advantage of the ProStores solution.
Please take the time to visit our Templates for ProStores landing page to learn more about these templates and the ProStores e-Commerce solution.

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