PixelMill Publishes First SharePoint 2010 Template for Sale

PixelMill has received many requests for SharePoint 2010 templates over the past year. Though we have done custom work on SharePoint 2010 sites for our custom services clients, we had not published simple SharePoint 2010 website templates for “plug and play” use.
Until now. Announcing our first simple SharePoint 2010 template for sale at PixelMill store:
The BG Color Tabs 3 templates features:

  • A custom SharePoint 2010 master page that works with most foundation sites: team sites, blogs, wikis, doc centers, etc.
  • CSS styles that are “themable” – making it possible to further customize some colors and fonts in the Site Theme admin page.
  • 3 different custom color schemes (via included THMX theme files that work with SP 2010’s Theme Engine): red-black (default), orange-gray, and teal-gray
  • Custom styles are visible in page header (customizable with your branding image), navigation elements, calendar, doc center, blogs, etc.

You can check out this template in action or head over to the PixelMill store for detailed product description and purchase.
PixelMill is in active development of more affordable, ready-to-deploy SharePoint 2010 templates, in addition to custom design work. Please send us your feedback, suggestions or requests for SharePoint Templates or custom SharePoint design and branding solutions.

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On the next episode of the #PixelMillWebinars:
-We'll unveil 10 Microsoft 365 apps/features & how they can improve your daily work  
- Show you how our hidden gems can help you save $ 
-See our tips and tricks in action—real use cases with instructions

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