PixelMill’s Little Helpers | 6 Microsoft Teams Tips from our Elves to You

Microsoft Teams has quite a few hidden gems that can help make your workday more enjoyable. Here are 6 not-so-secret tips from our team to help you level up your Microsoft Teams game. 


1. The Secret to Super Speedy Teams Interactions 

Sometimes words simply aren’t enough. Save time when shooting off those emojis by using a keyboard shortcut 😊 . 

Windows shortcut

Windows 10 – windows+period. (For previous versions of Windows, use the touch keyboard with the emoji button.) 

MacOS shortcut 

The keyboard shortcut on macOS is Control+Command+Space.  

2. Translate in a click!

To quickly translate a message, click the ellipses and select ‘translate.’ 

3. When you must get a response… 

When you urgently need someone to respond, there is a way to flag a message as urgent. This will notify the recipient every 2 mins for 20 mins. Use this wisely as you can see how this could easily become a menace.  

4. Flag important posts 

Help your team prioritize messaging by flagging truly important content as such. When creating your message you can select the ! to tell your audience this is a message they don’t want to miss. Just don’t overuse this feature or it quickly loses its value.  

5. Stop the Scroll 

Find the channel or Team you seek with ease! If you’re like me, you’ve got a long list of teams/channels to in your left nav. To quickly navigate to the right one, when in the “Teams” tab click the hamburger menu.  

Then start typing in the channel you’re looking for and save yourself a frustrating scroll! 

6. Cleanup Shop  

If you’re a project based organization, channels/teams bloat becomes a serious issue really quickly. Inactive teams and channels can really clog up your digital workspace. Cleanup your environment so you can stay focused on the important teams and channels in your digital workspace. Lifecycle management is not easy to manage OOTB, but our partner Orchestry has you covered. Along with many other impressive features you can now easily identify inactive workspaces and enforce workspace management policies, such as renewals, archiving, guest access and more.     

Did we miss a Teams tip that helps you on the daily? Shout it out in the comments!  

Ready to level up your organization’s Teams environment? Chat with a PixelMill Teams expert today!  

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