Modern Green

Modern Green

SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 & SharePoint Online

Modern Green brings a refreshing perspective into your digital workplace. Whether you are looking to create a site that is consumer-based or a welcoming intranet, Modern Green is the perfect choice.


  • Current Version 1.4.1
  • Last Updated May 29, 2016
  • Framework Aqueous
  • Available for SharePoint Online/2013/16
  • Immediate Download
  • Product Documentation
  • One Hour Installation Support


  • Color or Typography Personalization
  • Design Customization
  • Custom Web Part Development
  • Support & Maintenance

Our PixelMill templates, built on top of our custom Aqueous Framework, come with an extensive amount of development and configuration to provide a visually appealing and mobile-friendly layer over your SharePoint site.


SharePoint Solution Packages (WSPs) allow you to easily install the branding package for all types of SharePoint, including:

  • SharePoint Online and On-Premises Servers
  • Team and Collaboration Sites
  • Publishing Sites
  • Design Manager
  • SharePoint Foundation Sites

The Solution Package installs both a Site and System Master Page, 14 Publishing Page Layouts, and adds all of the Stylesheets, JavaScript, and Image Asset Files necessary to apply the design to your site.


Our PixelMill product packages include the files needed to jump-start your SharePoint branding experience. It’s simple; we’ve done the hard work for you. Every package is pre-configured with lists, XSLT, stylesheets, Javascript, and HTML code.

All of the source files are included for power-users who wish for more customization. Pre-compiled SASS, Javascript, and Visual Studio solution files (for modifying the WSPs) are included separately in the zip. With our templates, you can quickly add fully functioning components such as the responsive slider and news article list.


31 Responsive Publishing Page Layouts are included with our template packages, for use in Publishing Sites.

Responsive Versions of Out-of-the-Box Page Layouts

Custom Responsive Publishing Page Layouts


Our packages include preconfigured lists so you can fully utilize custom and mobile-friendly web parts and features at the drop of a hat.


With our CSS and Javascript already included for full functionality, this preconfigured Sliding Carousel web part only takes a few minutes to set up and embed on a page.

News Carousel

With our News Carousel web part, users can view a news list as a rotating carousel. This web part offers a better navigation experience with arrows that can either advance to the next slide or return to the previous one.

News Rollup with Optional Image

Our preconfigured web part pulls news headlines and brief text from a list. With this web part you can choose a text-only display or the option for thumbnail images.

News Accordion

Our News Accordion web part offers a sleeker way to display content on your site. By simply clicking on the displayed headline, users view a drop-down description and quickly decide if they would like to navigate to the full article.

Content Editor Web Parts

Our Preconfigured Content Editor web parts include dummy content to jump-start your page creation process. Drop in one of our content editor web parts to get a starting place for your content.

Rotating Alerts Component

A preconfigured Rotating “Alerts” Component includes the Javascript that allows an end-user to scroll through the alerts or hide it altogether.

Alerts Rollup

A preconfigured web part displays all alert titles in a rollup list.

People Search

Use our People Search web part to easily search for users in the SharePoint People Directory. This preconfigured web part is easy implement; simply drop it into your site page.

Site Page Links

Although simple in concept, SharePoint developers know that getting a basic list of links to pages within a site takes some custom development work.

*All preconfigured web parts are styled with Chrome to complement the overall look and feel of your site. Different visual display options are also available via the webpart properties panel.

Product End User License Agreement (EULA)
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Color & Typography Personalization

Does your company have specific color, typography, and graphic requests? Let our team create a layout that encompasses your team’s unique character.

Design Customization

Looking for a specific design layout that will maximize user experience? Work with our seasoned Visual Designers to enhance the current functionality of your site through a modern and innovative design.

Custom Web Part Development

Have a specific web part in mind? Our talented Web Developers can provide you with the right web part solution to help drive the user adoption of your site.



Tested to work in modern versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, and Opera.


Supports multiple installation methods, including Farm/Server Installation, Office 365, and Sandbox Installation.

Installing the solution package takes a few minutes, and your purchase includes access to a 45-minute video that covers not only the initial installation, but how to apply the design, customize your logo, implement page layouts, and configure and add the custom web parts.

Additional Support & Maintenance

Request additional support services with our knowledgeable SharePoint staff. They can provide follow-up guidance on installation, aide in your template customization, and direct you on the best practices in SharePoint.

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