Prostores: How to Add the NexTag ROI Optimizer

Are you submitting your Prostores catalog to NexTag? If you are not, you should be! To get that setup, login to your Prostores admin area and click on Marketing found in the left navigation bar. Once in the Marketing Manager, look for the NexTag link under

Traffic Generation
Comparison Shopping (Advanced – Account required)

Once you have set that up, NexTag offers code that you can add to your Order Confirmation page called the NexTag ROI Optimizer that helps you track your Return on Investment (ROI) with NexTag. To accomplish this, add the following code near the bottom of your order confirmation page template:

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* NexTag ROI Optimizer Data */
    var id = 'enter your id here';
    var rev = '<ss:value source="$invoice.subTotal"/>';
    var order = '<ss:value source="$invoice.invoiceNumber"/>';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You will want to change the ‘enter your id here’ to your id, i.e.

var id = '123456';

Also, you can change the


variable to the 


value instead if you wish, i.e.

var rev = '<ss:value source="$invoice.totalDue"/>';

is what is owed by the customer after discounts.


is the subtotal of items before shipping, tax and discounts. It’s up to you which number to report to NexTag.
Happy SEM!

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  1. Informative article, totally what I was looking for.

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