SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2016

Can you believe that SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley is only a few days away? Our team is excited to be joining some of the greatest minds in the SharePoint and Office 365 world on Saturday, June 11th at the Microsoft Office in Mountain View. We sat down with Eric and asked him just what it is that makes him so enthusiastic about SharePoint Saturdays, and specifically, what he most looks forward to in the upcoming SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley event.
What got you into doing SharePoint Saturdays?
I’m a geek, so I like the idea of coming together for a day and getting to learn about all things Office 365 and SharePoint. Plus, it’s a fun event to plan. I’ve always enjoyed organizing and pulling people together. It’s great to see all the generosity from the Microsoft community, many people volunteer to run event logistics or speak at the event. This one-day conference gives anybody who wants to help or get involved in the community the perfect opportunity to do that.  It’s all about the community and being an active participant in it.
Tell us a little about the event. How does it all work? What’s the atmosphere like?
Usually people start showing up around 8:00 in the morning to mingle and find their way around the center. I am really looking forward to a great keynote this year, split between Chris McNulty, a Product Manager for Microsoft within the Marketing Department in the SharePoint and Office 365 space, and Ross Mistry, a member of the local Microsoft community. They’ll discuss the future of SharePoint, the Microsoft experience, and more. After that, we start our one-hour sessions, with two blocks of sessions in the morning and another two blocks in the afternoon. Each block has about four to five sessions with topics all over the SharePoint spectrum. There is also a great free lunch sponsored by Microsoft. As well as a raffle with over $1000 of prizes available.
Is there an after-party?
Yes, we move over to what we call SharePint. It takes place at Tied House Brewery. It’s a chance for everyone to grab a free drink, eat some free appetizers, and talk about the day. You can also catch up with some of the people that you didn’t get to hear speak. It’s the social aspect of the event. The comradery is one of my favorite things about this after-party event.
Who are the speakers? 
Some of the top minds in SharePoint are speaking at this event and presenting on material that matters. We really have a great line-up this year. If one or more of the topics connects with you, check it out. You would normally have to pay a few thousand dollars for a couple of days of this kind of training and during this event you get it for free. And you get a more personal experience. Most, if not all of the speakers stick around during the event and go to SharePint afterward. They all geek out about this stuff and would love to give you that free advice. The speakers are not paid, they just enjoy sharing their knowledge. 
What’s your favorite part of the event?
I love that this is a community-driven event. It’s not for money, or anything like that. It’s for the community. To go back to the speakers, a lot of them go to communicate with their friends. We live all over the country, and this is when we get to see each other. I enjoy seeing my friends.
Why should someone come to the event?
If I were an attendee, I would look at the schedule and see if there’s valuable subject matter to me. We’ve cultivated a really good speaker list. So, why would you not go? Hang out for the day, or go to just those few sessions that interest you. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field. We’re pretty well located in the South Bay. Plus, there is plenty of free food. 
And there you have it. This year’s Silicon Valley 2016 will be a great opportunity to get to know the community, learn more about Office 365 and SharePoint, and make invaluable connections with some of the top professionals in the industry. Join Eric and the PixelMill team at SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley is not to be missed (learn more about the event at the links listed below). 
For more information, check out the event website:
To register, visit our eventbrite page:

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