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At PixelMill, we brand SharePoint in a way that offers a new level consistency, both in message and structure. Each branding element is implemented in an effort to maximize the functionality of SharePoint, as well as to echo each of our client’s culture and personality. So, we couldn’t be more excited to see Microsoft embrace the art of Visual Design with SharePoint’s new custom Card-base UI. Last week, one of our early release Office 365 tenants received one of the many exciting updates announced at the May 4th Future of SharePoint event, the new SharePoint homepage.
The pragmatic card-based UI is powered by Office Graph to offer a more unified and personalized experience. With a network of information organized in a visually appealing way, it is now easier than before to navigate the world of SharePoint. By ensuring the seamless integration of both online and on-premises sites, Microsoft’s newly released SharePoint homepage offers a recap of your latest activity. Allowing for more efficient and effective communication across each person, each team, and each business.
A left-navigation bar displays the sites a user is following, the ones they recently visit, as well as links to other team and management resources. This is followed by a visual representation of their most frequent activity. At PixelMill, our team has many working documents in progress at one time, so rather than asking for the newest document update, any user can easily see the updates to a document in a chart located below the Group name. With fewer words and a better graphical representation of site activity, the new SharePoint home further supports the push towards a cleaner and modern SharePoint while enhancing user productivity.  
Similar to the Office 365 interface we have grown to love, the new SharePoint experience is shaping up quite nicely. By increasing branding efforts, Microsoft has opened up new windows for SharePoint. With a more collaborative vision moving forward for all different types of companies, the user acceptance of SharePoint, both online and on-prem is only bound to increase.  
One small step for branding, one giant leap for a better user experience.

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