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Our extensive services help you build a digital workspace that empowers your employees and fosters connectivity across your organization.

No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, PixelMill has a solution for you.

Are you
Cloud Ready?

The cloud empowers your team to take their digital workspace wherever they need it.

Need to Stay

Are you currently required to stay on-prem? Have no fear! You’re not alone, and Microsoft continues to support and advance SharePoint 2019 for that very reason.

Perhaps a
hybrid approach?

Does your industry require certain aspects to stay on-prem, yet you want to leverage other cloud offerings? No problem! Let’s take a hybrid approach. There are hundreds of ways to mix and match the different toolsets.

Office 365
Digital Workspace

PixelMill will help uncover your teams’ needs and work with you to determine which tools best satisfy them. This analysis also includes defining which tools must stay on-prem or can be in the cloud. Digital Workspace Transformation also involves integrating tools outside of the Office 365 suite whenever possible, bringing consistency and efficiency to your digital workspace.

Omni-channel is the new norm; employees are often working with dozens if not hundreds of tools to get their job done. We’ll help you streamline their experience between these tools.


Intranets, typically built on one platform such as SharePoint, are a paramount component of many organizations’ digital workspaces. PixelMill works with you to uncover your users’ needs, define an intranet strategy and design, and build an accessible, consistent, and efficient solution. A thoughtfully designed intranet customized to your organization’s specific needs increases user adoption and helps your team get more work done in less time.


Extranets—a controlled site that grants external users like vendors, partners, and suppliers access to important information—help your team collaborate and communicate more effectively. PixelMill works with your team to uncover your user’s needs, define an extranet strategy and design, and build an extranet that will help you streamline business functions and workflows, increase productivity, and reduce margin of error.


A portal—often mistakenly referred to as an intranet—is a launching point or gateway for employees to access their communication and collaboration tools. Portals are designed for organizations utilizing multiple platforms and tools that require an efficient way to guide employees to their needs. PixelMill helps you create a portal your team will use and love by empowering employees with the tools they need to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an impressive tool out of the box, but without thoughtful design, strategy, and governance it can quickly become the wild west. Set your team up for success with a clear path and documented expectations including permissions, document storage, tab structure, integrations, and more. We’ll help you build and implement a Microsoft Teams strategy that fits your unique company culture, workflows, and day-to-day tasks, making your employees more efficient and effective team members.

Our Process


  • Platform Analysis & Selection
  • Project Consultation
  • User Experience Research
  • Site Analysis & Assessment
  • Planning & Strategy


  • Mobile-friendly & Responsive Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Integration & Direction
  • UI/UX & Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Creative Assets


  • User Interface Development
  • Front-End Branding Implementation
  • Custom Website Creation
  • Third Party & Social Integration


  • Site Deployment
  • Refinement
  • Usability Testing
  • Post Deployment Support


  • User Training & Adoption
  • Focus Group Campaigns
  • Case Studies & Documentation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

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