SharePoint Conference NA 2018

Watch out Vegas, SharePoint is coming to town! The PixelMill team is thrilled to be sponsoring SPCNA in Las Vegas this May. Microsoft has thrown out quite a few game-changing announcements, and we know many more are coming in Vegas.
As Microsoft continues to introduce exciting changes, this conference will be a fantastic opportunity to catch up on what’s changed, what’s going to change, and how to navigate and leverage SharePoint’s ever-evolving nature. Our President and Co-founder is also speaking at the conference this year!

Why we’re attending #SPC18

  1. The Community
  2. The Announcements
  3. The Sessions and Speakers
  4. To learn and share my expertise about the recently released Framework

Why YOU Should go to #SPC18:
If you’re faced with any of these challenges, SharePoint Conference North America 2018 is a must-attend event:

  1. Do I go Modern or stick with Classic?
  2. I am considering modern experiences, but they do not offer enough customization options. What do I do?
  3. Wait, what is this “Modern” you speak of?
  4. How do I increase user adoption?
  5. I’m a SharePoint developer but I don’t know about SharePoint PnP or the SharePoint Dev Ecosystem.
  6. What is SharePoint 2019 all about?
  7. I’m not even sure where to start!

Why else should you attend? The list goes on…
Diversity in technology
An Inclusive Workplace: Change Your Life, Your Team, Your Organization
Our President will also be leading a panel on inclusiveness in the workplace that you won’t want to miss. You’ll have the opportunity to join a panel of your peers from across the spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. Learn their stories, their challenges, and their successes and hear how their journey has shaped their views.
More reasons to join
Need help justifying the cost to your organization? Let us help by offering a $50 discount. When you register at you can save $50 when you use the code: OVERFIELD.
Here at PixelMill, we’re all about making SharePoint YOUR way, or as old blue eyes would say, MY way. SharePoint Your Way, means just that—PixelMill helps you discover, define, design, develop and maintain a portal that looks, feels, and functions in line with your company culture.
Well, we’re all about customization. Collaboration is an essential building block for any successful organization and successful intranets have one thing in common, they’re personalized. This customization is key to fostering effective collaboration. In today’s world, customization doesn’t simply mean slapping your corporate colors and logo on a pre-set portal and calling it a day. We believe modern intranets should be uniquely designed to make your employees’ workdays more efficient, improve company-wide communication, and encourage overall collaboration. Employees in 2017 also expect access on any device, anywhere.
Join us at SPCNA on May 21-23 to discuss how we can make SharePoint your way and enter our raffle to win a gaming device that also respects this, “anywhere” mindset—the Nintendo Switch—“Freedom to have fun. Wherever. Whenever.”

Stop by our booth for full details on how you could win a Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! After all, the best way to solve an office debate is through an intense game of Mario Kart. Check back next Friday for another sneak peek into the super exciting happenings at the PixelMill booth.



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