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Hi SharePoint community! My name is Chloe and I’m the newest addition this fall to the PixelMill team as the marketing manager, as well as a SharePoint beginner user. Most of my work is rooted in online marketing, specifically social media and content marketing. Through my work here at PixelMill I have become quite inspired by SharePoint’s benefits to organizations through collaboration and content management. From discussions at SharePoint User Groups, meetings with team members here in the office, and my own research I quickly came to realize that for many, SharePoint is hindered by pain points for all levels of users.
SharePoint is an expansive product, with a bountiful set of features and equally impressive functionality. Part of guaranteeing a return on investment with SharePoint is making sure that it is structured to do the tasks you need it to do adequately and efficiently. For groups using SharePoint, “adequately” is when team members are able to collaborate with ease and complete projects faster and more thoroughly than before. Collaboration is the foundation of SharePoint while content management is the frame. These items together create the home of SharePoint. As an organization your SharePoint home (site) needs to be set up with all your key tools. These tools also need to be structured in a way that is easily adoptable by employees. It is possible to do this with SharePoint, but for many that I have spoken with, this task became overwhelming for them and their IT team.
So how does PixelMill help our clients solve this dilemma? We look to transform SharePoint without stripping it of its original core, code, and functionality. Instead of completely breaking down SharePoint we modify it and work with it so that it works better for our clients. A benefit of this approach is that when SharePoint gets an update, our clients and stakeholders are not left with a broken intranet and a frustrated IT team.
With this blog series I intend to navigate through SharePoint’s many features, especially those related to branding and responsive design and how they can be transformed into a strong tool for your company. Some of the topics we will be looking at include building custom webparts, mega menus, changing your SharePoint ribbon, and making your SharePoint site responsive. In each post we will briefly look at what happens on the developer’s end and how that change makes SharePoint work better for your team. At the end of the day your SharePoint site is only as strong as the users who use it, the critical point being that it is used. As time goes on and other SharePoint quirks become evident we will be adding to this blog series. I would like to give our readers the opportunity to comment and let us know if you have anything that you would like us to take a look at.

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Are you preparing to launch a new #SharePoint #intranet?

Don’t spring it on employees out of the blue. First, talk to as many of them as you can.

Planning is just phase one. For all of our tips, watch our recent webinar with @EricOverfield!

Are you preparing to launch a new #SharePoint intranet?

Don’t spring it on employees out of the blue. First, talk to as many of them as you can.

Planning is just phase one. For all of our tips, watch our recent webinar!

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