Simmer down—SharePoint’s not going anywhere.

Microsoft Viva’s debut was met with equal excitement and scandal in the SharePoint world. Much like the release of a new Marvel trailer, we’re all hitting replay in a desperate attempt to read between the lines. The announcement has certainly ruffled a few feathers and sent many of us down a spiral closely resembling a conspiracy theory, but let’s put down our tin hats for a moment and break it all down.  

Why aren’t we concerned about SharePoint’s future? 

TL;DR: Teams—where Viva will spend most of its existence—needs it. 

And to be fair, SharePoint has needed a cohort like Viva/Teams for a long time. SharePoint expert Susan Hanley said it perfectly, “Microsoft Viva is what your intranet wants to be.”  

Microsoft Viva is the right move

SharePoint is great at specific things, Teams is great at others, and Viva helps to bring it all together. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s very clear that much of Microsoft Viva is intended for Teams, but that doesn’t mean SharePoint is out of the picture. 

Let’s break it down… 

SharePoint needs a place for conversations.  

Teams needs a place for file storage and structured-page creation.  

They’re practically a match made in heaven.  

Teams shines in its ability to host consumable conversations; SharePoint has never been good at this.  

SharePoint is really good at creating web pages, news, and structured content, but it’s terrible at managing effective conversations around all this.  

Teams needs a place to hold files (it tried back in its early days, but why reinvent the wheel when your sidekick already holds the secret weapon? Plus, SharePoint enables co-authoring, syncing, and more! 

Where is this Teams + SharePoint partnership headed?  

We see Teams becoming the OS of your digital workspace, powered by Microsoft 365. Teams will act as the single frame that you’ll view content curated in SharePoint (and other Microsoft 365 tools) in and where you’ll experience all the new and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Viva. Teams tabs create a unique opportunity to display structured content for your users and spoiler alert—SharePoint is currently the only platform in the ecosystem that can build pages. So, your SharePoint intranet is going to continue to play a big part in your digital workspace strategy—it just might be consumed in Teams down the road.  

Viva isn’t fully available now; what do I do today? 

How can you start preparing for this? If you’re using a SharePoint intranet, you need to start planning your Microsoft Teams strategy as it relates to SharePoint today.  

Do you need some assistance setting your Microsoft Teams strategy? Are you already using it but unsure how it can work in tandem with your intranet? Are you ready to start leveraging your Microsoft 365 investment to the fullest? Chat with a PixelMill Microsoft 365 architect today!  

Or you can join us during our next webinar on March 25th to learn more about how you can prepare your SharePoint Intranet for Microsoft Viva.  

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