What Does Successful Collaboration Look Like?

Within a success-driven organization, often effective collaborative efforts fall short. However, that is not to say that collaboration isn’t at the forefront of every organization’s priorities. In fact, more often than not our clients express a push to actively improve organizational communication and connectivity among all company channels (i.e., varying teams, departments, sectors, and subsidiaries, etc.), regardless of size or station.
Most businesses understand that effective collaboration has become the missing ingredient among their internal team, but don’t know how to improve it. Further, knowing what type of collaborative recipe is best for a particular company can be a setback as well. That’s why many efforts are being made to explore successful collaboration from its very foundation. How it is defined, measured, and implemented from company to company. By creating a three-survey community initiative, Christian Buckley, and Beezy Media have been gathering these details from executives to end users.
Last week, the third collaboration survey was released. The purpose of this study is to track how people are implementing successful collaboration within their business or organization. This final survey also asks users to lend input on the variety of elements that make up their successful collaboration implementation. For instance, is it a matter of providing the right and relevant kind of technology? Or is it about a greater level of transparency, such as a more defined organizational structure and the use of accurate metrics to analyze collaboration.
As you can guess there is not always one right answer. The odds are it takes just the right mix of elements to create a successful collaboration within an organization.  The best data that can be collected is from you and your experiences with collaboration implementation. So, if you haven’t already, please take the time to complete this short community-driven survey. All results are anonymous and will all be freely available to all that participate. Don’t worry, this is not a marketing tool, you only have to provide your email address if you want the raw results. Also, don’t forget to promote it on social media with #MeasureCollabSuccess. You can take the third survey here.
Interested in learning more about the first and second survey? Check out the links below.
Survey One Results: What are the success drivers behind collaboration?
Survey Two Results: Are you effectively monitoring and measuring your collaboration efforts?
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