Tech News | PixelMill President Takes 1st Place at Microsoft’s Developer Kitchen

This week, Microsoft 365 developers from around the world gathered at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond for the Fluid+SPFx vNext Dev Kitchen. This invitation-only event for a select group of Microsoft partners, customers, and Microsoft MVP’s allowed attendees to get a sneak peek and provide direct feedback on potential future direction.

We’re excited to announce our President, Co-founder, and Microsoft Regional Director & Microsoft MVP, Eric Overfield joined the #FluidSPFxDevKitchen and hackathon competition and walked away with first prize along with his project partner David Warner II from Catapult Systems for their solution.

Eric Overfield (far right) and David Warner II (center) are presented their prize.

This is the fourth DevKitchen that Eric has participated in, and he is thrilled to join past winners with his success, “I have always admired Microsoft’s demonstrated interest in gathering direct feedback on future technologies and have been honored to have been invited to participate. Joining the ranks of past DevKit winners is truly an honor,” said Eric.

While what is presented and developed during this event is confidential, past events results have proven to be quite fruitful. Product Groups including SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive present new features to the attendees and sessions follow allowing the attendees to build technology demonstrations over the course of two to three days. Participants then present their solutions to each other and a group of judges who then award the top three solutions for the event. The public can look forward to announcements of what the DevKit attendees experienced at Microsoft’s upcoming conference Ignite, this November.

What does PixelMill’s participation in DevKits mean for our clients? Attending gives us inside access to and experience with new technologies that will be readily available to our clients down the road. Further, this gives us an opportunity to ensure the requests and requirements of our clients are considered by Microsoft. This provides our team with insight into what is coming and hands-on experience building solutions with the new feature sets so we can help our clients take advantage of the new technology as soon as it’s available to the public.

For those of you dying to know what exciting new features the attendees got to play with, you’re not alone! Microsoft will be making many announcements around all the exciting new features for SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and more at their upcoming conference, Microsoft Ignite 2019. We’ll be breaking down the new features and what they mean for you in our blog posts and webinar this November! To stay in the know, sign up for our monthly newsletter today!

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