The Greatest Way To Spread Cheer Is Praising Loud So All Can Hear

Receiving praise is a basic human need. From babyhood, praise empowers and motivates us to persevere and overcome challenges. Our parents inspired us and encouraged us by praising the things we did well. This same need follows us to the workplace, especially with recent happenings and less face-to-face interaction. According to Vantage Circle, 44% of employees switch jobs because of not getting adequate recognition for their efforts.” A strong employer and employee relationship is at the core of any successful business, and praise is a key part of this bond. 

If the warm and fuzzy concept doesn’t resonate with you, let science convince you. Research on our brain chemistry proves that praise can truly empower our teams to achieve more. An article by Gallup, states that “Receiving praise and recognition releases dopamine in the brain, which creates the feelings of pride and pleasure. Better yet, that dopamine hit cements the knowledge that more of that behavior will create more praise, resulting in another dopamine drench, and so on.” 

There are many ways to recognize your employees and colleagues. Microsoft Teams makes this easy through their Praise app. The application has been available for a while but recently has become an integrated part of Viva Insights 


How to send Praise in Microsoft Teams: 

  1. Below the space where you write a new message or reply, select the Praise Icon, which looks like a small medal. If you don’t see it there, select the overflow menu to see more apps. 
  2. Once you select the Praise Icon, a modal will pop up for you to choose a badge. These are the default settings, but you can create custom ones as well. 
  3. Add the name of the person or people that you want to recognize and a description.  
  4. You can see a preview of your Praise. And once you are done, select Send. 

Tips for sending Praise: 

  • Be specific and clear; make your descriptions as specific and descriptive as possible. 
  • Be sincere. People can tell when you are not being genuine. 
  • Focus on growth. Adding something around how the person is truly growing can show someone how their efforts are paying off. 
  • Describe how their actions affect other colleagues. 
  • Start scheduling Praise. Viva Insight lets you do this very easily. 

How to Schedule Praise with Viva Insights 

  • Open the Viva Insights app in Teams 
  • On the Home page, select the Send praise to your colleagues’ card, which is located on the home page at center left: 

From the Viva Insight praise page on the right-hand side there is a “Reminder” card to setup reminders to send praise to your team members. 

We all learned about positive reinforcements as children. Sending praise to your colleagues is an efficient, effective way to motivate and create engagement within your company.  

So, deck your Teams halls with badges of positivity, fa la la la laa la la la laaa!!  

Are you interested in learning more about ways you can use Teams to foster positivity and wellbeing in your digital workspace? Chat with a PixelMill employee experience expert today! 

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- #Figma best practices for #PowerApps
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