The Hope of Features Yet-to-Come | PixelMill’s Microsoft Teams Wish List

As our series nears its end, 
we present a few ways Teams can transcend. 
Teams fans we most certainly are, 
but here’s what’s left us wishing on a star.  

The true beauty of this list?  
Microsoft’s response to most already exist.  
And if on the roadmap a feature does not yet rest,  
User-voice gives us a way to request.  

PixelMill’s Microsoft Teams Wishlist of Teams Features Yet-to-Come
(As of 12/21/2020):

1. Meeting Improvements

a. Currently, there’s no way to transfer organizer rights to another user or make someone a co-organizer, creating change management nightmares. This feature is not currently on the roadmap that we could find, but UserVoice users are certainly requesting this feature. 

b. A Teams Meeting Attendee Dashboard is now in development and is scheduled to release March CY2021. This feature will allow you to measure registration and attendance data in a reporting dashboard.  

c. Microsoft is also currently working on a meeting attendee registration feature that will allow you to add a custom attendee registration page to any meeting to help manage attendance before and after. After attendees register, they will receive an email confirmation with a calendar invite. According to Microsoft, we can expect this to hit GA in January 2021.  

d. One of the most exciting features coming to Teams in February 2021 is custom layouts for meetings. According to Microsoft, “Presenters will be able to customize how content shows up for meeting participants, including overlaying their video on content or moving their content box to a corner of the video view – allowing for a more dynamic content viewing experience where presenters can easily direct their audiences’ attention through hand gestures and facial cues, without making the viewer choose between the speaker and the content. 

e. Live reactions in Microsoft Teams meetings just hit public preview. Coming to GA in January 2021, users will soon be able to react during a meeting using emojis that will display for all participants.  

Even more meeting improvements get to come!

f. Switching between chat and video can feel overwhelming during a meeting, which is why we’re stoked to see chat bubbles coming very soon. During a Teams meeting, chats will surface on the screens of all meeting participants, making the chat more central to the conversation.

g. Live Transcription with speaker attribution should be hitting GA in February providing another way to follow along during a meeting. After a meeting, the transcript file will be automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting.  

h. We often need to collaborate with external users—be they partners or clients—on a whiteboard during a meeting. Currently, there’s no way for external users to participate in a Teams meeting, but not for long! Coming March 2021, all guests, external or anonymous users in a Teams meeting can view and collaborate on the whiteboard during the meeting. 

i. One of the most important aspects of a successful meeting is the art of creating a recap. Soon, Teams will automatically provide a meeting recap that will help teams stay on track and keep their work moving forward after the meeting is over. Coming February 2021, a recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more will be shared with participants in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting.

2. Productivity Insights for Better Planning

In February 2021, Teams will provide personal productivity insights powered by MyAnalytics. According to Microsoft, “users will get intelligent reminders to catch up with key people, follow up on to-dos, and protect time to work uninterrupted.” 

3. Virtual commute and mindfulness resources

We never thought “schedule a commute” would hit our wish list, but alas, this concept is intriguing! As part of Microsoft’s commitment to employee well-being, personal well-being insights in Teams will be coming in March 2021. Microsoft says these new personal insights will help you reimagine your workday and embrace wellbeing. Users can create mental bookends to productively start and mindfully end the workday with a virtual commute, tap into dedicated moments of mindfulness with Headspace, and use emotional check-ins to pause and reflect. 

4. Stronger Search

Teams search has been a hot topic in our series, and while Teams does provide some great ways to find information, “stronger search” has been on our Microsoft Teams wish list for quite a while. A new experience is coming that will make finding messages, people, answers, and files faster and more intuitive. Coming June 2021, a redesigned search results page will provide better context and faster results, with AI-powered relevance based on the people and content you engage with most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. 

5. Stronger & Enhanced Presence Sensing

a. Teams Presence should be real-time! This is reported as “completed” by Microsoft, but we are still experiencing issues with the accuracy of this feature. In fact, as we were writing this article, we went yellow, and Teams would not let us manually switch our availability back to green.  

b. Enhanced Presence Feature request: Several variations of this request on User Voice seem to be popular with leaders managing WFH teams. They would like to see reporting capabilities and better displays/groupings of statuses. 

6. Surface a SharePoint intranet homepage in Teams

If you read Day 3 of the 12 days of Teams, you know that we’re psyched for this feature. The SharePoint Home Site app takes us one step closer to Teams becoming the dashboard to our digital workspace.  

What’s on your Microsoft Teams wish list? Did we miss an important feature? Don’t forget to make your voice heard on user voice 

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