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According to research put out by RingCentral, “2/3 of workers lose over 32 days of work every year just toggling between apps!.” There is an app out there for just about anything, File Sharing, Video Conferencing, Email, Time logs, Issue tracking, etc. On average, companies are using about 100 appsBlissfully states that the number of apps has grown about 30% since 2018, and it’s safe to say that percentage isn’t going anywhere but up.  

To help users focus on what’s important and access apps they use most, Microsoft Teams allows for personal pinning of apps to the left rail. 

One of the many advantages of using Microsoft Teams is that it lets you organize your tools in the Microsoft Teams left rail. This puts focus on the facets of Teams that you use most while providing quick access to your daily toolsHere’s how you can do this: 

How to Pin an App: 

1. Select the   in the left rail. This is where you will see all of your Applications. 

2. Right click using your mouse and select the Pin option.

3. Notice that the app now appears in the left rail.

4. You can arrange the Apps however you want by dragging and dropping. (Note: this only works on the Desktop Application currently.)

5. To Unpin an app, simply right click on that app, and select Unpin. (Note: you are currently limited to 11 items on the left rail—anything more gets added into the more panel.) 

Pinning apps to the left rail in Microsoft Teams 
provides a fantastic way for someone to personalize their workspace and make it their own. If you were Batman, the left rail would be your utility beltall of your most essential tools are right at your fingertips! After all, Batman doesn’t have time to go searching for his batarangsCan you tell what’s on my Christmas wish list? 😊 

Is your organization looking to make the most out of Microsoft Teams? Do you need some assistance getting things set up to ensure your team is productive and thriving? Chat with one of our Microsoft Teams experts today!  

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