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Replacing FrontPage Link Bars in Expression Web
Expression Web does not give you the ablity to edit and modify FrontPage Link Bars. Corrie Haffly shows you how to replace FrontPage text link bars with CSS-formatted link bars in include pages. This webinar is an essential building block for understanding how to format navigation links using CSS and will continue in a second seminar, Using CSS to Format Navigation Links.
Thursday, January 11, 2007
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
Click here to register: https://www.gotomeeting.com/register/944721389
Using CSS to format navigation links
This webinar continues from a previous webinar, Replacing FrontPage Link Bars in Expression Web. Corrie Haffly demonstrates the many ways that you can use CSS to format navigation links, from basic rectangular buttons to faux “push buttons” to using a combination of images and CSS for a graphical button effect. Users of FrontPage Themes will be able to apply the techniques to maintain easy-to-change graphic buttons in Expression Web. Non-FrontPage and non-Expression Web users will find this topic engaging and applicable to future web sites, as Corrie covers the CSS how-to’s for formatting navigation links.
Thursday, January 25, 2007
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
Click here to register: https://www.gotomeeting.com/register/294108578

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In this session:

- #OKR fundamentals, including how to write an effective #OKR
- How to champion an #OKR program
- What #VivaGoals is & how it can help your #OKR program thrive
- How to install & get #VivaGoals running in your workspace today!


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