Vincent Cerf talk at Google Kirkland July 23 2007

I got the hear Vincent Cerf speak at Google Kirkland on July 23. He was also the subject of a story in the Seattle PI.
Some highlights from his talk:
1. think about an entire system, not just the network, for security. Ways to improve security, anti-phishing, etc, need to be at the end points, and accomplished through smarter operating systems and browsers and ipsec (when IPV6 is implemented), not just through changes to the network itself that make the network more secure.
2. There are more mobile devices connected to the internet than PCs, and most of these are in Asia.
3. Devices could be single purpose machines, or computers placed in very non traditional settings like a refrigerator or a picture frame (which we see in stores now).
There are big implications of 2 and 3 for search engine optimization and for using the web as a marketing tool. They include:
A. considering what content is available for mobile search.
B. optimizing for mobile search engines
C. evaluating how one’s site looks in very small browsers
Mr Cerf also discussed the way Arpanet was originally set up and tested, and the way that people who are involved in space exploration at the Jet Propulsion Lab are working on using the same “store and forward” techniques of the internet to relay and send information from/ to planetary probes from / to ground stations or from / to orbiting units, for eventual transmission back to earth.
All in all it was a very interesting talk.

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