Viva Learning – Personalized Learning Resources for Your Team in Teams

Research shows that employees tenure is directly correlated with their empowerment to upskill. According to the Linkedin Workplace report, “94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.” Plus, ongoing education and training fosters engagement and performance. So, how can Microsoft Learning help your organization empower your team through learning and career development? We see Microsoft Viva Learning as an aggregator for learning resources that brings content where your users are spending most of their day, Microsoft Teams. Viva Learning is not an LMS or in-line training resource. So, what does it look like in practice? What’s available today? And how much will it cost? Let’s dive in!  

What is Viva Learning?

According to Microsoft, Viva Learning is designed to “Empower employees to discover, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries across your organization with this center for learning in Microsoft 365.” Essentially, it’s an in-line upskilling application that crosses learning center boundaries. 

What makes Viva Learning valuable? 

Giving your team the ability to upskill is crucial to their career development and as the statistics above show, their longevity with your organization.  Viva Learning gives your team access to training personally recommended for them—which only gets better the more they engage—inline in Teams.  

What does Viva Learning Cost? 

Free Version –  

Access to 3 free learning resources. 

AI recommendations based on your role and engagement. 

Premium features –  

Access to premium sources for examples – other external sources. 


What features are available?  

The Free version of Viva Learning is enabled by default 

Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, LinkedIn Learning – FREE 

125 free courses (today) then you’ll need premium to access more. You can also create a connection to your own SharePoint source. We see great potential here as you can link to a SharePoint document library with your custom learning resources and the AI can recommend personalized learning materials from that list.   

You’ll need premium licenses for anything that is not free LinkedIn learning or Microsoft learning. You can pull in training from other 3rd party providers right with Premium as well. To learn more about setting up Viva Learning Premium visit the corresponding Microsoft Documentation 

Currently everyone can use the following Microsoft Viva Learning features to incorporate learning into your day and in your flow of work: 

  • Easily find learning opportunities provided by your organization. 
  • Browse courses from Microsoft and third-party content providers. 
  • Search for specific learning content that appeals to you or supports your career goals. 
  • Share relevant, interesting, and important learning content with your team members or groups in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel. 
  • Organize your custom selections of learning content in Microsoft Teams channels and tabs. 
  • Bookmark courses you’re interested in. 
  • Play LinkedIn Learning courses in the embedded player without leaving Microsoft Teams.  

Managers can:  

Coordinate learning for your team across platforms 

Recommended, share, and track learning content with your team 

Are you ready to empower your team to achieve their career goals? Want to learn more about how Viva Learning can help you retain your most valuable team members? Chat with a PixelMill employee experience architect today! 

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