Webinar | Microsoft 365 + AI | Tap into AI and slay productivity paranoia. 

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It’s time for the next episode of the PixelMill Webinar Series! In this session, “Microsoft 365 + AI | Tap into AI and slay productivity paranoia,” join us on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. PST as we show you how our organization and clients are using AI today to bring more productivity to their teams.

Why You Should Attend

The concept of AI can sometimes feel lofty, even otherworldly, but AI is so much more than Meta. Microsoft is leaning into AI, funding billions in R&D, and recently investing in ChatGPT to harness AI’s true powers. But how can you tap into this for your business today? Join us as we walk you through the practical application of AI. Discover how you can unleash artificial intelligence to take care of the mundane, so you can get back to working on the stuff that we humans do best! 

In this session:

  • Discover what AI opportunities are at your fingertips with Microsoft 365:
    • ChatGPT, Viva Topics, Microsoft Graph, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, and more!  
  • We’ll deliver AI-driven takeaways that will help you and your team:
    • Increase productivity  
    • Bring visibility to employees’ work  
    • Automate/supplement work using machine learning  
    • Compile data and derive insights to improve work processes  


Anyone looking to fight productivity paranoia. This session is designed to help bring productivity to any role in the organization: 

Frontline workers: 

  • In this session, we’ll walk through automated work processes and supplement work such as customer service and sales processes to maximize productivity. These AI tools will help direct to consumer workers to bring visibility to their work by allowing them to focus on tasks that require human insight, creativity, and analysis.  

Information workers: 

  • Discover how AI can help accelerate content creation, coding, and building. Plus, learn how AI can help produce data-driven insights by compiling and analyzing data.  

Managers & Leaders: 

  • This session will help managers derive insights and analyze data about various topics and understand how employees spend their work hours and how to maximize the company or department’s productivity.  

And don’t worry–we leave time for Q&A at the end. 

About the Speakers:

Carolyn Gjerde (Business Analyst/Web Developer) 

Carolyn has spent over seven years in the web development industry and worked on more than 50 projects. Her responsibilities as a Business Analyst are to listen to clients’ needs, understand their business, and work with them to build a successful plan for the project. Carolyn excels at creating solutions that improve employee experience and increase user adoption. 

Carolyn also spent several years as a web developer. Her technical coding and Microsoft 365 background make her an invaluable asset to the team. She understands the strengths and limitations of Microsoft 365 and knows the diverse ways SharePoint, the Power Platform and Microsoft 365 can be used to solve business problems. She also can translate client needs into information that developers understand. 

Eric Overfield (CPO and Co-Founder of PixelMill, Microsoft Regional Director & MVP)   

A Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, and Microsoft 365 expert with a passion for technology in pursuit of the ideal digital employee experience. Eric is a leading expert in Microsoft-powered digital workspaces, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Azure architecture, strategy, and development.  

President and co-founder of PixelMill, Eric has over 22 years of experience with web design best practices and techniques and over 16 years of experience with SharePoint. Beyond his in-depth knowledge of SharePoint’s capabilities, his expertise includes Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Azure technology, design, and architecture, along with custom solutions, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. He is a co-author of Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development (Apress 2013) and Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint (EUSP Press 2013). Well-known in the global Microsoft 365 community as a lead contributor to the PnP SharePoint Starter Kit, Eric recently led the team responsible for the latest version. 


Join us on Thursday, February 23rd, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST. If you have questions that you want to make sure our team gets to, send them here.

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On this episode of #PnPWeekly—the podcast that discusses the latest topics on M365—our very own Microsoft RD+MVP & CPO @EricOverfield joins @vesajuvonen & @waldekm to talk Viva Goals, SharePoint Starter Kit, the future of ChatGPT, & community conferences. https://hubs.ly/Q01HnFJY0

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On the next #PixelMillWebinar:
-Discover what AI opportunities are at your fingertips with Microsoft 365
-We'll deliver AI-driven takeaways that will help you and your team increase productivity, bring visibility to employees' work, and more!

Register: https://hubs.ly/Q01D0JPs0

On the next episode of the #PixelMillWebinars:
-Discover what AI opportunities are at your fingertips with Microsoft 365
-We'll deliver AI-driven takeaways that will help you increase productivity, automate work using machine learning, and more!
Register: https://hubs.ly/Q01BVdsR0

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