Webinar Recap | Maximizing Microsoft Teams for Mid-Large Organizations

Thank you for your interest in, “Maximize Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Mid size – Large Orgs”. If you were able to join us for the webinar, we sincerely thank you for being there. We hope you had as much fun learning about using Microsoft Teams to maximize collaboration as our speaker Eric Overfield did sharing his knowledge with you!

You guys kept us busy with your questions (We love questions!). However, there were a few that we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to answer during the session. So, Eric took some time to make sure he got you the answers you were looking for:

Q: What’s your take on disabling external apps?

External apps extend Teams, offering a more complete canvas to your digital workplace. From that perspective I am a fan and would suggest allowing external apps. That being said, there is likely governance, maintenance, and often licensing issues with external apps you may need to consider that could cause you to pause and disable until you have a framework in place to manage them within your organization.

My suggestion is during your getting started and experimenting phases you enable external apps, giving you an opportunity to discover what is possible and what may work best for your organization. Before moving to scaling, ensure you have a policy in place to support external apps if you are going to allow them.

Q: Is there a limit on the # of users I can create on the free Office 365 tenant?

You are provided 25 E5 licenses I believe, thus 25 users, although you can create more accounts in AAD, as well as add additional external users. Once you reach the 25 license limit, those other users may then not have access to Office apps, Teams, etc.

Q: Is it possible to move your MSFT Team’s content from the free O365 tenant to a paid one?

As of now there is no supported method to migrate Teams teams, channels, or chats from one tenant to another.

Q: Can you use SharePoint Framework in MS Teams?

You can! This just went GA in early 2019 with SPFx version 1.8. Learn more at: https://blog.pixelmill.com/3871/webinar-recap-sharepoint-solutions-for-microsoft-teams/

Didn’t get a chance to catch our session live? We’ve got you covered.

This session:

Let’s face it, communication is tough and it gets even more difficult the larger, more varied, and spread out our audience gets. Microsoft Teams provides a collaboration canvas that breaks down communication barriers, making it easier for mid-size – large organizations to collaborate effectively.

Teams is getting a lot of hype, and in our opinion, rightfully so. After all, here at PixelMill we spend nearly 90+% of our time effectively communicating and collaborating solely through MS Teams. And we’re obviously hooked since we’re dedicating another webinar to this stellar solution. Are you interested in Teams but haven’t explored it because you don’t know where to start? Experiencing a little FOMO? We don’t blame you—it’s a pretty sweet tool.

The cloud based platform provides a one-stop workspace service for chat, file storage, collaboration, meetings, and more. Plus, it’s integrated directly into Office 365 so you have the impressive O365 toolset right at your fingertips without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Many larger organizations are afraid to take the leap, or opened up Teams without a clear strategy and governance and it quickly got out of hand. Sound familiar? Are you looking for guidance, training, and support for your organization’s Teams adoption? Then this is a session you won’t want to miss.

In this session:

  • Learn best practices for Microsoft Teams utilization
  • Acquire adoption strategies for mid-size – larger organizations
  • Understand how best to use teams, channels, tabs, collaboration, and provisioning to offer manageable collaboration spaces

Stay tuned for an announcement about our April webinar!

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