Webinar Recap | Top 10 Microsoft Teams Collaboration Features

Thank you for your interest in, “10 Ways Microsoft Teams Makes Your Organization Better Collaborators“. If you were able to join us for the webinar, we sincerely thank you for being there. We hope you had as much fun learning about the top 10 out-of-the-box collaboration features of Microsoft Teams as our speaker Eric Overfield (@EricOverfield) did sharing his knowledge with you.

There were some really amazing questions that came up during this session and we wanted to share that information with you all:

Q: I have a question about external guests – assuming that the IT department hasn’t limited anything relative to external guests, what is the difference between what they would see and be able to access vs a regular member?

A: An external guest user would be treated the same, and have the same access to the specific team’s resources as an internal member. Each team has granual control over what a member can and cannot do, including add/remove tabs, channels, connectors, and more. Guest users would follow the same permissions although you can also limit guest access to create, update, and delete channels. 

From the file storage / SharePoint perspective, your guest users would have access as a member to the underlying SharePoint site collection. 

This all stems from the fact that a team in Teams is supported by an Office 365 group. An external user is added to your Azure Active Directory (AAD) user group, though designated as an external user. Once added to the O365 group, external users act as a member of said group. 

Recently, I co-hosted a webinar with AvePoint on Teams and external access you may find helpful as well. 

Q: How do you search for past meetings in Teams? 

A: There is no support for this that I am aware of. There are user voice entries along these lines.

Q: Is customizing the left-hand nav/buttons a global setting and/or a personal customization? 

A: Correct, the left nav bar is administered by your Global Teams Admin via the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Teams apps->Setup policies->Select a policy.

Then you can control “Pinned apps”. You can set up different policies for different groupings of people. 

Q: You mention PixellMill not using native calls with Teams and swapping for Jira Cloud. What if enterprise org wants 3rd-party solution for meetings as well as chat? Can Teams still be a viable/pleasurable end-user experience? 

A: Absolutely. You can still use Teams as your single pane to your digital workspace, having each team use the general tab to provide launch points to your meetings and chat applications. That being said, removing Chat from Teams does defeat much of the purpose. 

Q: When migrating O365 tenants, I’ve been told that Team Chat cannot be migrated. Is that correct, or are you aware of a migration tool/service that will do this? 

A: Correct, chats cannot be migrated as of yet, though there is at least one user voice entry to move chats to teams, including a request for migration API.

I know at least AvePoint includes a tool to migrate channels, there might be other platforms as well that handle this although I haven’t used any, thus cannot recommend the best solution for channel migration. 

Q: What are your thoughts about IT thinking “why not let anyone and everyone create a team?” We own the software. End users should be able to use it as they wish to use (Lg, enterprise, multinational)? 

A: The short answer is governance and team bloat. Looks like the topic for a good blog post to expand. There is a theater session on this topic at Microsoft Ignite 2019 as well.

 Q: I know I can create SPFx to create Teams tabs. Is there a way to deploy them for myself without going through central corporate admin.? 

A: In general, no, the app (.sppkg) needs to be installed to the tenant app catalog, though I have heard if you create a site collection app catalog for an underlying team site collection, and you are an owner of that team/site collection, you can add your app there and the app would then be available to the team in question. I haven’t tried it myself, sounds plausible though. 

Didn’t get a chance to catch our session live? We’ve got you covered.

This session:

Microsoft Teams is getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. Here at PixelMill we have been Teams fans from day one, utilizing it now daily to coordinate projects, replacing internal emails, collaborating with our clients, and much more.

Join our PixelMill Co-Founder, Microsoft Regional Director, and Microsoft MVP Eric Overfield as he dives into the top 10 out of the box features of Microsoft Teams that can instantly help your team collaborate better, faster, and more consistently. You’ll walk away with 10 practical use cases that you can implement right away.

Not using Teams yet? Still need convincing if this is the right solution for your organization? No problem! This session will serve as a great primer and introduction to the power of this tool.

You can find the slide deck for Eric’s presentation here.

Stay tuned for an announcement about our November webinar!

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