What the SharePoint 2010 End-of-Life Campaign Means For You

Change is inevitable, and while no-one was necessarily surprised by Microsoft announcing the End-of-Life (EOL) for SharePoint 2010, it’s still big news for those currently on SharePoint 2010. So what does this change mean for your organization? What are your options for migration? And why is this forced upgrade might just be the best thing for your team? Let’s dive in… 

What is actually happening?  

Microsoft announced SharePoint 2010 extended support will end on October 13, 2020. While ‘End of Life’ sounds quite ominous, there’s no need to fear. SharePoint 2010 is not disappearing on October 13, 2020; sites will still function. What this really means is that beginning October 13, 2020, SharePoint 2010 users will be unsupported. This means Microsoft will no longer issue big fixes or security patches. SharePoint 2010 can still be used unsupported, however, we highly recommend taking this as a not-so-subtle nudge to migrate to a more modern, feature-rich platform like SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019.  

Why Do You Need to Migrate from SharePoint 2010? 

Because Microsoft Says So 
The obvious, and quite frankly, most important answer is because Microsoft says you should. They are providing ample time to prepare for the EOL, while they are clearly shifting their focus, investments, and support to more modern solutions; solutions that can truly help your organization become better collaborators and communicators.  

The biggest concern with operating on an unsupported tool is security. Depending on the licensing you have with Microsoft, you could also run into agreement issues. In many cases, you have promised to keep things supported in your licensing agreements, so you must migrate to remain compliant.  

Don’t Get Left in the Dust 
Sure, you could stay on SharePoint 2010, it won’t just disappear on October 13th. In fact, people are still running SharePoint 2003, but real talk, it’s a security risk. Plus, if something goes wrong, Microsoft isn’t going to be there to support you, and new bugs won’t get fixed. Not to mention that performance will continue to be an issue with an old feature set, and you’ll end up dealing with aging hardware. One of the most convincing reasons in our opinion is that you’re missing out on upgrades and new features coming down the line.  

Recommended Options for Migration from SharePoint 2010 

First you must determine where you’d headed. Is your organization cloud ready?  

SharePoint Online 

Now’s the time to reevaluate processes and workflows, and migrate to the cloud if possible. In fact, we’re helping customers do this every day and they are seeing huge gains in productivity, collaboration, and communication. The cloud offers the flexibility of accessibility, allowing your users to access their digital workspace anytime, anywhere!   

OnPrem – SP 2016 or 2019   

If your organization must remain on premises, you’re not alone and you have options. If you’re going to do the upgrade, we say just go all the way. Simply put, 2019 is a better 2016! Why take the time, energy, and money to upgrade and already be three years behind? By migrating to 2019, you’re investing in the future; you’ll be more cloud-ready with cloud-inspired architecture, and deeper modern experiences. 

Note: You cannot do a direct upgrade from 2010 to 2019, so you need to be prepared for a multi-step transition. This means moving from 2010 to 2013, and then to 2016 or 2019. 

Microsoft offers great documentation on this process: 

Upgrade Process from SharePoint 2010 – 2013 

Upgrade Process to SharePoint 2016  

Upgrade Process to SharePoint 2019 


If your organization isn’t ready to go to the cloud entirely, a hybrid option may work well for you. If you are going to go hybrid, we highly recommend you upgrade to SharePoint 2019 so when you are ready to take everything to cloud this will be a much easier process.  

No matter where you on in your upgrade journey, PixelMill is here to help. We specialize in strategizing, designing, and building collaboration and communication sites that will help take your digital teamwork to the next level. Are you ready to start planning for your upgrade from SharePoint 2010? A PixelMill SharePoint expert would love to chat with you today!  

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