Why Should I Choose SharePoint Modern Experiences for My SharePoint Intranet?

One of the first forks in the road when planning a SharePoint intranet project is deciding whether to go with modern or classic experiences. While there are still some cases that make classic experiences the right choice, most of the time, we will advocate for modern.  

Why should you choose SharePoint Modern Experiences for your Intranet Project?  

Modern Experiences offer a rich editing experience.  

While there are many reasons why we recommend SharePoint Modern experiences to our clients, the most important reason is that it creates a far more rich editing experience for the content authors. Why does this matter?  

Successful intranets live and die by their content.  

By empowering your content authors to more easily create engaging content, you increase your opportunities for higher engagement and user adoption. Thanks to social media and the real media, we’re used to consuming imagery and video and expect to see the same when we visit an intranet. Modern experience’s rich editing experience allows content authors to easily share useful information in an engaging way. 

For example, the modern content editor webpart allows content authors to drag and drop images directly into the site. Further, authors can quickly and easily crop and provide focus on a specific spot of an image, all in the browser, all in SharePoint. Productivity at its finest. 

Microsoft says so. 

Modern is where Microsoft is putting most of its efforts. It’s where you are going to get all the new and greatest features. Additionally, the rate of net-new feature enhancements in SharePoint is stunning. Sure, there are many new features we’d like to see, yet keeping up is not a light task. That is a good thing. 

It’s natively responsive and designed for mobile. 

I can’t remember the last time a client didn’t require a mobile-ready/responsive intranet. Now, more than ever, employees are accessing this important data from multiple devices. SharePoint modern experiences is responsive out-of-the-box making your intranet accessible anytime, anywhere.  

It’s easier to ensure accessibility.  

SharePoint Modern Experience makes it easy to choose ideal color contrast and add alternative text, plus you can use SharePoint out-of-the-box without a mouse or using the Narrator screen reader. Users can move around any SharePoint page, and use any button or command by using only a keyboard. 

Modern Experiences are beautiful and easy out-of-the-box. 

Speaking of out-of-the-box…because of the rich experience out of the box, it’s less likely that you will need custom work to get your project up and running, accelerating your intranet project.  

Modern provides an easier provisioning process. 

The site provisioning process in modern is significantly easier than classic. By default, anyone can create a modern communication site and team site. This is not to say that governance isn’t needed, but the easier provisioning process can help prevent bottlenecks.  

It’s where the best innovations are happening.  

Microsoft is clearly investing in modern experiences and so is the community. This means modern is where you will find all the best webparts and innovations.   

It’s built using modern web development techniques.  

With client-side rendering and other modern web development techniques an intranet built on SharePoint Modern Experiences loads more quickly and it’s more reactive.  

All in all, modern experiences are the way of the future. If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest, modern experiences are your answer.  You want to be able to quickly take advantage of new offerings as Microsoft continues to add new functionality.  

Are you still unsure whether modern or classic is right for you? Chat with one of our SharePoint experts today! 

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