Why Use Include Pages?

Include pages are a feature of FrontPage that allow you to “include” the content of one page into other pages. What this means is that you can have repeated content on multiple pages, but only have to edit the content in one place.
Many of our FrontPage templates use include pages for areas that are common across different pages, including the logo area or header area, the copyright or footer information, and menus or submenus. But include pages aren’t limited to these layout features. You can implement include pages on your own site for repeated content such as:

  • News items – put a news box on relevant pages
  • Featured specials – put featured specials on your home page, catalog page, and other relevant pages
  • FAQ – Put your top five FAQs in an area and display it on relevant pages

To learn how to create, insert, and edit include pages, visit PixelMill’s support articles about Include Pages.

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