Working Remote—is this the new norm?

It’s undeniable that our current climate is chaotic. In fact, I venture to say that’s an understatement of grandeur.  As we all clamor for the facts, stare into the abyss that is the stock market and do our best to turn off the noise, one thing is very clear—much like COVID-19the way we work is being forced under the microscope.

As a self-diagnosed germaphobe with an infant, I personally waver back and forth between, “this is all hype and mass-media-inspired hysteria” and “batten down the hatches, WASH YOUR HANDS, and why do I love touching my face so much?!?” 🤦 No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we’re all about to discover which meetings should have been emails after all. Which I argue is a good thing. So how can we find some normalcy? How can we learn and grow from what feels like spiraling out of control? Let’s focus on controlling what we can.

Control what you can. 🎮

What we’re all begging for is access to information, a way to continue to do our work, and collaborate and connect in a forced, disparate environment. Many organizations, groups, and schools are revisiting how we work and connect. Here at PixelMill, we’re incredibly fortunate to have embraced the cloud, and we have access to everything we need to do our jobs remotely via a collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. 

How can you help your employees and your organization feel in control? Provide them the collaboration tools they need to stay connected and get their job done. Microsoft Teams has helped us take our digital teamwork to the next level. We’re able to stay connected remotely, co-author documents, attend virtual meetings with video and screen share, and maintain threaded conversations around important topics. 

The time is now. 

Take this as an opportunity to set your team up for success. Perhaps you already offer remote options for your employees, but could improve your digital collaboration platform? Maybe you’ve been on the edge of moving to the cloud, and this just the push you needed.

No employee is an island. 🌴

Remote doesn’t mean alone. As business stakeholders, HR directors, and communication specialists, it’s our job to help foster the culture we’ve created in the office digitally. With the right digital toolset, specifically structured around making it easier for your team to collaborate and get their job done, we can empower our teams to get more done together.

This is more than a Crisis Communication Plan. 📣

Don’t get me wrong, every organization should have a crisis communication plan, and part of this should include strategy and expectations for requiring remote work, but I argue that this is so much more than that. As we watch Congress shut down Capitol Hill and prepare telework centers, to Standford cancel in-person instruction, we’re all wondering what this means for the future of work. Now is the time to think not only about our employees’ safety as it relates to a potential pandemic but also to work/life balance. Does allowing some remote work aid your team in doing their best work and pursuing the ever-elusive work/life balance?

Steps off her soapbox #toosoon? 🎤

I digress. While these are trying times, to say the least, I really hope we’re all able to take some time to be introspective and find ways to better our work lives, empower our employees with the tools they need, and regain some control. Microsoft understands that the digital workspace is only going to continue to play a crucial role in our work lives. In fact, they recently announced that they will be offering Microsoft Teams for free for 6-months

Are you ready to take the leap to the cloud? Is a new or renovated digital workspace just what your employees seek? One of our digital workspace specialists is ready to chat with you today!

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Anyone who has 'attended' a physical meeting by 'conferencing in' in knows the frustrations & limitations that come from not being in the room. You're the voice in the ceiling & not equally represented in the conversation.

This is no longer acceptable.

Today, we find ourselves facing the “hybrid work paradox.”

Employees are keen to retain flexibility. At the same time, human-to-human collaboration remains important.

To marry the best of both, hone your strategy, spaces, & tech to suit employee needs.

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We've all been itching to get "back to normal," but what does that mean? Are we missing out on valuable lessons learned by trying to return to something that perhaps wasn't working before?

Join us next week for a live panel discussion on the new normal.

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