Comfort and Joy | Tips for Improving Wellbeing Using Microsoft Teams

2021 has had its fair share of ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’s, ‘this again?’ and ‘oh come on’s,’ to say the least. So, if you’re like the rest of us, finding ways to bring levity, joy, and a little comfort to your day is key. Microsoft’s extensive research on the impacts of the digital transformation we’ve all experienced the last couple of years is informing product decisions that can significantly impact the way we work and help maintain personal and team wellbeing through it all. In this post we share some practical tips to for improving wellbeing using Microsoft Teams today.

If you follow Microsoft, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term Viva thrown around like Cyber-Monday Deals in this week’s inbox. Microsoft’s latest product offering promises to bring a more holistic experience to their wide range and often disparate tools, but what I’ve found most compelling about Viva is Microsoft’s data-driven dedication to building wellbeing initiatives into the product. Wait…why are you talking about Viva? I thought this was the 12 Days of Teams!? Because much of Viva will be surfaced where we all spend most of our day—Teams! So, many of the tips we share below are powered by or connected to Viva in some way.   

Without further ado, here are some tips for finding joy from our team to you…  

Calm with a commute. đźš— 

Huh? I thought we were talking about wellbeing; don’t you dare put me back in gridlock! Have no fear. This commute is strictly virtual; Teams, take the wheel.   

With a virtual commute built into your day, you’re able to mentally wind down, close down, and prepare for what’s next.   

The virtual commute prompts you to:

  • Review and close out current tasks 
  • Set reminders or tasks for unresolved items that need attention 
  • Preview of your tomorrow and make any adjustments to your schedule in-line 
  • Reflect on your feelings 
  • Mindfully disconnect with a meditation from Headspace

Setting up virtual commutes is quick and easy. 

Simply open the Viva Insights app in Teams, click the ellipses at the top right in the sub nav. 

Select virtual commute in the left nav, select your options and enroll! 

Give yourself the gift of time. â›” 

Time is such a valuable resource, so protect some for yourself! Using Viva Insights within Teams, you can block off specific times to focus on important tasks that require deeper focus. You can schedule recurring focus time or select one-off sessions as needed. While you’re in ‘focus mode,’ Teams will set you to do-not-disturb and automatically mute your notifications to help you maintain a deep focus. Setting up your first focus time slot will also prompt you to set up a virtual commute.   

Joy abounds when we gather round đź“† 

Staying connected to our team is more than a virtual happy hour—though they can certainly help make spirits bright! In Teams, via the Insights app, you can also schedule 1:1s with key team members. You can pin key collaborators, quickly see available times for you to get together, and book it all within the Insights app in Teams. 

Reclaim your Zen with Notification Settings âť— 

Notifications can be a lifesaver, but they can also become a huge distraction, and often even lose their value when overdone. We highly encourage our team to take some time to configure their notifications to serve them best. You can configure specific notification styles for desktop and mobile as well—use this to your advantage! To learn all about your options check out Microsoft’s detailed documentation 

Merriment is in Mindfulness đź’†

Are those TPS reports getting your tinsel in a tangle? Take 5, and recharge with a quick mindfulness exercise powered by headspace. To access these exercises, simply visit the Viva Insights App in Teams. 

‘Tis better to give than to receive.  

The holidays remind us of the joy it brings to give. And as Bing reminds us, “It’s not the things we do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do, all year through.” So find time to thank and recognize your team members using the Praise app! You can even set reminders to help you build more praise into your workday throughout the year.  

I truly hope one of these tips will help you find a little more comfort & joy this year! If you’re looking to learn more about how you can improve employee wellbeing through your digital workspace, check out our post on Microsoft Viva Insights or chat with one of our employee experience experts today

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